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This powerful array eradicates the obstacles to you courageously fulfilling your soul’s mission. It helps you connect to your higher self in a calm and balanced way. Once your doubts are calmed, you will find that your courage to go forward is activated. It also can help you integrate your past-life lessons, if they are affecting your progress in this incarnation.


The Transformation array encourages progress and stamina, as well as assisting in all areas of psychic pursuits and mysticism. It can promote activities related to past lives, remove internal pressures, allow for receptivity of information from your Higher Self, as well as open, cleanse, and energize the base chakra. This array can be used to relieve symptoms of kidney stones, cholera, abscesses, gastric ulcers, toxemia, diphtheria, gall stones, allergies, and venereal disorders. It can also be used in the treatment of disorders associated with the thyroid, spleen, adenoids, secretory organs, prostate gland, pituitary gland, small intestines, generative organs, excretory system, colon, lower kidneys, urethra, appendix, and digestive system.


Only use this powerful transmission every 3-9 days.


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