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Energy Cleansing / Chakra Balancing

As an intro service, Rev. Angelia LaRue offers Energy Cleansing / Chakra Balancing at $60 for 30 minutes. $120/hr includes time on the Orgone Generator Crystal Bio-bed if in-person session!


This session includes:


1. Auric field assessment: the auric field is checked for size, strength and integrity, tears and leaks.  The field is then strengthened and/or repaired as needed.


2. Energy cord removal: Oftentimes our worries are not our own, but someone we are emotionally connected to. These energy cords can create a feedback loop of increased worry and concerns.  Energy cords are cut and removed from the auric field and body.


3. Low frequency removal: Low frequencies (worry, stress, repetitive nagging thoughts, illness, depression, etc), and stagnant and chaotic energies are removed from the auric field and body through the use of gongs and kyanite. 


4. Frequency adjustment: The auric field and body are raised to higher frequency ranges using 528Hz musical tones as well as botanic and herbal essences.  


5.  Chakra opening and balancing: Chakra’s are opened and energy is flushed through them.  They are also balanced in this process.


This session will leave the entire field size is increased giving a smooth, peaceful, and clear energy to carry into the coming day and week. A great ‘pick-me-up' to bring more joy and peace into your life!

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