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Psychic Development Classes


Inner Passage


Mystery School




Inner Passage Mystery School Psychic & Spiritual Development Classes covers the topics below and MORE!


Classes are $45 once per week and are 1.5 hrs long and can be done either in Boulder, CO or remotely via Zoom 

The Inner Passage Mystery School hosts a yearly Spiritual Retreat, late summer camp trips, several Spiritual Ceremonies throughout the year, there are also other outside of class gatherings, hikes and zoom meeting for social interaction and fellowship.

Additionally Available is Tuesday Night Meditation, and a once-a-month Silent Sanctuary Sunday Mini Retreat, - on Zoom and in-person!


Every Class comes with a Word Doc of the Lesson, Codeums and Hands-on-practice!




Types of Energy – how to harness and use them to enhance life

Grounding When, where, How and Why

Auric Field - Layers and the Merkabah - Auric Field Cleansing

Care of the Auric Field and the Central Channel

Diagnosing and Healing the Outer Perimeter

Chakras Care - Chakra Tones, Mudras and Affirmations

Dress to the Aura and Color Effects

Masculine and Feminine Energy - Balancing it within

Field and Area Mastery - Vesica Piscis, Shared field, Field Over-write etc

Smudging Field and Area Mastery

Using Sound waves, Gong, Bowl Cleansing & Voice - Field and Area Mastery

Psychic Shielding - Field and Area Mastery

Mixing Board for Empaths and Sensitives

First Meditation: Aum Meditation

The Kundalini Pathway

Activating Pineal and Third Energy Center

Self-Healing - Reiki

Reiki First 2 Symbols and Basic Body Positions

Reiki Long Distance Healing and Master Symbol

Aura Healing with Affirmations

Composite Beings -Languages of the Body, the Chakra’s and Energy Field.

Receiving your Master Healer

Mudras for Health from India.

Mudras for Emotional Well Being from India.

Mudras for Meditation from India

Mudras for Healing from India

KLEAR and Self-Love Crystal Array Transmission

Introduction to Crystals and Frequency Recognition

Building Crystal Arrays

Cleaning the Lineages - Clean 5 generations - Mothers Side

Cleaning the Lineages - Clean 5 generations - Fathers Side

Power of the Heart and an Experiment by CU..

Reprogramming and Deprogramming for Neutrality

Third Eye Mudras and Asanas

Developing your Personal Prayer– Working in a safe Space with Support

Silence of the Mind – Developing the Observer State – Noticing

Replacing the Astral Body 

The Psychic Screen – Auric Field

Cords, Energy hooks and the Luege

Removing Energy Attachment and thoughts that grow legs

Psychic Screen – Erasures color shapes

Activating the 3rd Eye and Pineal Gland with the Merkabah.


Animal, Plant, and Crystal Whispering ~ two-way telepathic communication

Accessing the Akashic Records/Mass Collective Consciousness (Retrocognition) ~ the ability to get glimpses from the past.  This might mean seeing past lives, old historical events, or just gaining insight to things that happened recently.

Aura Reading ~ perception of energy fields surrounding people, places, and things.

Clairvoyance ~ perception outside of the known human senses.

Construct Making and Energy Programming ~ using psychic energy to create and program energy constructs such as psiballs, shielding, energy domes, and other constructs. 

Crystal Gridding ~ ability to program energy into coordinated lines working together, similar to a circuit board

Divination ~ gaining insight into a situation through various means which can include card readings, runes, reading tea leaves, etc.

Dowsing ~ using the body, metal rods, or sticks to find an object or natural element.  Also known as energy tracing.

Energy work ~ basic skill of manipulating psychic energies both inside and outside the body.  This covers a broad set of abilities.

Energy medicine ~ healing by channeling a form of energy

Empathy ~ the ability to feel others emotional or physical feelings as one’s own.

Manifestation ~ using the law of attraction to manifest what you desire.  

Mental projection and Etheric Projection ~ an out-of-body experience (OBE) in which an energy body becomes separate from the physical body and travels at will.

Multiple Dimension Communication ~ Telepathy with non-earth based beings.

Personal Energy Control ~ regulating the size and density of one’s energy field, from reduced as to be essentially an invisibility clock up to an expansive attracter field.

Precognition ~ premonition and precognitive dreams, perception of events before they happen.

Remote Viewing (clairvoyance) ~ gathering information at a distance, viewing an event without being physical present through use of the third eye.

Removal of Unwanted Energies/Entities ~ removal of anything from dense low frequency energy clumps to astral attachments and other entity attachments.

Scrying ~ use of an item to view events at a distance or in the future.

Soul Fragment Recovery ~ ability to access multiple dimensions, planes, and past lives to recover and re-incorporate fragments of one’s own energy left behind or given away. 

Triggering ~ programming your mind to perform a specific task or remind you of something

And Much More!!

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