Inner Passage Mystery School

Psychic Development Classes

Psychic and Spiritual Development and Energy Awareness Classes can cover any of the topics below.  Classes are $40/hour and can be done either in Boulder, CO or remotely via Zoom or Skype.


Animal, Plant, and Crystal Whispering ~ two way telepathic communication.


Accessing the Akashic Records/Mass Collective Consciousness (Retrocognition) ~ the ability to get glimpses from the past.  This might mean seeing past lives, old historical events, or just gaining insight to things that happened recently.


Aura Reading ~ perception of energy fields surrounding people, places, and things.


Clairvoyance ~ perception outside of the known human senses.


Construct Making and Energy Programming ~ using psychic energy to create and program energy constructs such as psiballs, shielding, energy domes, and other constructs. 


Crystal Gridding ~ ability to program energy into coordinated lines working together, similar to a circuit board


Divination ~ gaining insight into a situation through various means which can include card readings, runes, reading tea leaves, etc.


Dowsing ~ using the body, metal rods, or sticks to find an object or natural element.  Also known as energy tracing.


Energy work ~ basic skill of manipulating psychic energies both inside and outside the body.  This covers a broad set of abilities.


Energy medicine ~ healing by channeling a form of energy


Empathy ~ the ability to feel others emotional or physical feelings as one’s own.


Manifestation ~ using the law of attraction to manifest what you desire.  


Mental projection and Etheric Projection ~ an out-of-body experience (OBE) in which an energy body becomes separate from the physical body and travels at will.


Multiple Dimension Communication ~ Telepathy with non-earth based beings.


Personal Energy Control ~ regulating the size and density of one’s energy field, from reduced as to be essentially an invisibility clock up to an expansive attracter field.


Precognition ~ premonition and precognitive dreams, perception of events before they happen.

Remote viewing (clairvoyance) ~ gathering information at a distance, viewing an event without being physical present through use of the third eye.

Removal of Unwanted Energies/Entities ~ removal of anything from dense low frequency energy clumps to astral attachments and other entity attachments.


Scrying ~ use of an item to view events at a distance or in the future.


Soul Fragment Recovery ~ ability to access multiple dimensions, planes, and past lives to recover and re-incorporate fragments of one’s own energy left behind or given away. 


Triggering ~ programming your mind to perform a specific task or remind you of something.  Can incorporate outside elements or be an internal reminder or alarm clock.