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Advanced Psychic Healing


Advanced Psychic Healing (also called Psychic Surgery, Faith Healing, and many other names) is, in this case, similar to traditional western surgery but is non-invasive.  The body is not physically touched other than Rev. Angelia LaRue holding your hand as you lay comfortably on the Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed Some procedures can be done on Zoom as well.

Sessions are $280 for one hour and multiple modalities maybe used including the Holographic Antonian Stone - whatever is needed to bring you back into health and wellness!


Rev. Angelia LaRue has the ability to see into the body like an MRI or X-Ray machine.  She sees the overall nature of the disturbance, as well as the details of what needs to be healed and/or realigned.  Energies which are out of alignment with perfect blueprints (stress, trauma, inflammation, and other disturbances in perfect functioning) are removed first to create space and an environment for healing. Then, new structures or repaired structures are built on the etheric levels and applied on the physical body.  This assists the physical organ or issue to take on the new healed blueprints.  Our cells hold the memory of a perfect state, and this memory can be activated through encouragement and channeled energy. When done so the cells will conform to their original blueprints.


Rev. Angelia LaRue works with your Higher Self (Eternal Aspect) as well as Angels, Guides, and other Benevolent Beings, some whom were former Surgeons and Doctors in past incarnations (including some of the Beings who work through John of God). Through the benevolent assistance of these teams, the healing energies are organized to bring healing to afflicted areas of the body and mind.


The level of healing is dependent on many things outside the Healers control. Results vary from clear and miraculous instant healing to some improvement, improvement in a few days, improvement over a few weeks. The best results are achieved for those with deep faith and belief in their ability to be healed through the Divine.


Angie has facilitated a great number of healings, some of which include: removal of build up and scarring on cranium and brain stem from tropical diseases, repair of arteries with aneurisms, shunts, scar tissue on hearts from prior western medicine surgeries, removal of bone spurs, metastasized tumors on breasts and in chest cavities, repaired enlarged spleens and gallbladders which were almost non-functioning, rapid healing of broken bones and ripped ligaments and tendons, vision corrections, implant removals, chemical imbalances, impaired immune systems, epidermis seratoma removals, irritable bowel syndrome, digestive issues, large area burns and much more. 

Schedule your deep psychic healing session with Angie by contacting us:

phone: 808-285-0047


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