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Crystologist Angelia Christine LaRue

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  • Ordained Reverend

  • Master Crystologist

  • Reiki Master

  • Intuitive Understanding of Quantum Realities

  • Energy Practitioner/Healer

  • Medical Intuitive

  • Psychic Awareness Instructor

  • Mystery School Founder

  • Orgone Energy Manufacturer

Angelia LaRue is a Certified Master Crystologist and Energy Practitioner, which to her are modern words for ancient knowledge which has never been lost.  In every generation it is remembered by some, and learned through teachers by others.

Additionally, Angelia uses knowledge from masters like Nicola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich and previous epochs to make items which produce and circulate subtle energy.  She creates these items for those who are aware of the energy, and desire to always have it near them for their health, well-being and evolution of consciousness.


Named after a nun her mother met on a train going to Chicago in 1964, Angelia was born into a name which would plague her through her youth and into her 30's, both as an unusual spelling of Angelia and as "being a name too big to live up to".  Angelia is a feminine version of Angel.  Her middle name, Christine, means 'of Christ', and her last name, LaRue, is a French word meaning the street.  Together it combines into Angelia Christine LaRue -  Angel of Christ of the Street.


To complicate matters, her father was a Methodist Pastor and her mother was also heavily involved in the church.  Both had a strong personal connection to God and it was the main relationship expected in the family.   This was challenging to her and she was described by her parents and teachers alike as a rebel and indeed, she was.  While she tried and tried and cried a thousand tears, she could not HEAR God, or indeed anything outside the chatter and voice of her own thoughts. Much of what humans did in the world made little sense to her, and seemed reaction and fear driven.


It wouldn't be until the unfolding of events from December 9, 2011 to September 1, 2015 that, like a little puppy with huge paws, she finally grew into that big name.

Even the River has Consciousness

Crystal Grids and Circuits

On December 9th 2011, she had a radical spontaneous Awakening of Consciousness, while going about an ordinary Hawaiian day as a Professional Artist and housewife at 2:00pm in the afternoon, on her way into the kitchen to get a drink of water.

Nothing was the same again after that.  Within 24 hours lightning seemed to come up through the ground into her feet and out the top of her head leaving her convulsing on the living room floor.  It would be over a year before she learned that it was Kundalini activation.


In the first week, all Chakras opened and it would be months before she learned what those were.  She spent weeks limp on the couch, energy drained, desperately thirsty and seeing impossible things and energies all around her.  She made the mistake many make at this stage.  Since she did not have anyone who is awakened in their life, she sought help from Western doctors believing something had gone radically wrong in her brain and body simultaneously.  They were mystified of course, and could not explain what was going on.

It was her Pastor who first saw and felt the changes in her auric field and first clued her in to what had happened, and what to do now.

While trying to make sense of life again, she would learn that the Cosmic two-by-four God Smack, while uncommon, it was not unheard of.  She would be led to others who had Awakened the same shocking life altering way and had to scramble to put the world back together in their minds and get right with their hearts.

When it happened, her life in Hawaii abruptly ended and she was thrust out onto the road to learn with Spirit as her Teacher.  Not understanding that what had happened to her does occasionally happen to humans in such a radical form, she was reeling from the full explosion of psychic abilities and the sudden awareness of subtle energy.  Full blown empathic skills, with heavy cording to many others and the ability to see multi-dimensionally, turned her life into utter chaos, and dissolving her previous life and twenty year marriage in a domino effect.


She fled to the deserts of Utah and Northern Arizona to be in private, and try to come to terms with her powers and abilities.  In time, she began to hear the voice of Spirit and Higher Self.

Angie fought against her Higher Self to utter exhaustion day after day and night after night for forty days and nights.  Surrender finally came on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon after a Long Dark Night of the Soul which stripped the ego to rawness and the new awareness that she knew nothing of.


After Surrender, when the mind finally gave in to the un-ignorable fact that it's not the only awareness present in the body and is not the boss of very much after all, she, like others before her, poured over ancient texts trying to solve the Mystery of what had happened.  But while clues came, answers came from Spirit alone.  As others before, she realized she’d always had access to her abilities but had called it Intuition, Gut feeling, Synchronicity or Good Luck.  They were random events quickly forgotten, never predictable, not a power readily available to manifest her own reality with and to effect Goodness and healing in those around.

Animal Whispering - White Tailed Deer

Wolf Kiss - Rocky Mountains

In time she learned that the onset of so many abilities was merely remembering abilities which had been well used and developed over many lifetimes.  Some of those were as a Crystal Acolyte, Priestess, Monk, Priest, Healer and other associated vocations.  Many of these are from times before recorded history as we know it, and those memories and abilities were now accessible and usable.  As was necessary, and when appropriate, she was shown those lives and others.  She saw lives in which she’d been homeless, died young by execution, been murdered, never knew the Divine, and other lives which were ordinary and focused on simply surviving, with the bare minimum of evolution of consciousness seeming to have happened.


Training with Spirit was hands-on field work, and she was led across many countries in the first four years after Awakening.  She worked as a Healer, Animal Whisperer, Plant Whisperer, Crystal Whisperer, Far Seer, Psychic, Remote Viewer and more.   Angie discovered that whatever she was asked to do, there was access to knowledge concerning it or the ability to bring energy to it and divine it.  Thus she received the answers from the Bigger Picture level, and not the human egoic level.


It wasn't long before she knew more about what was possible, than what wasn't possible.  Where life had once held many 'No's' it now was filled with "Try it!"  With that came great liberation and personal sovereignty.  Firsthand knowledge of past lives helped her to realize consciousness continues both in bodies and between lives in bodies, and with that knowledge much fear of living was released.

Angie no longer looked for authority in anything other than Higher Self and the Divine.  She was now in direct relationship with the Divine and the Divine never said "No, you can't”, or “things should be like thus and such”.  The Divine said instead "I love you my Child, Have fun in the Garden".


With that her Love grew more and more until it was uncontained and unconditional for all Beings, all things and even the tiniest atom, for they are all expressions and part and parcel of the Divine, the Original Source of all Consciousness.


By the time Spirit said she had learned enough to stop traveling and practicing and could settle down and begin to build a Service to help others using the combined remembrance and knowledge of many lives, she had performed hundreds of what some people would call miracles across multiple countries.


For Angelia it was her Internship with Spirit.  She hadn’t had a choice since Dec 9, 2011 when Spirit taught her just how powerful everything which she had previously been ignorant of, actually was.  The mask had been ripped away.  The illusion of being merely human was transcended, and All Time and Space was Now.


The old adage was indeed true; “By the time you figure out the Game it’s too late – you are already a Player!” And so it is.

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Master Crystologist
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Finished Seminary training on

September 9th, 2018

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Reiki 3 Master Teacher
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