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Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings & Oracle Card Readings

30 minutes - $60

1 hour - $120


Rev. Angie LaRue uses Oracle cards as a communication line to your Higher Self, Angels and Guides to answer your questions, give support and guidance, and assist you in seeking clarity, solutions, and progress on your path.  You can ask as many questions as you like within the given time frame.  A 30 minute session leaves room for approximately 6 questions, an hour session allows for either more questions or more comprehensive/in-depth answers.  

Soul Path Reading

1 hour - $120

(takes an hour)


Ever wonder what you came down here to do and learn?

Are on track or off in left field? This is a profound type of reading which can be very helpful, validating and illuminating!


This Reading is a Tarot Wheel with 3 rings:

Ring 1: What skill sets you came into this life with

Ring 2: Which skill sets/learnings you've already accomplished or are currently working on

Ring 3: What remains on your list to finish in this life before coming into body.




Rune Readings

30 minutes - $60

1 hour - $120


The runic system represents forces and objects in Nature that can be harnessed for healing.  This ancient lineage has roots that harken back to the 2nd century BCE.  The use of stones for divination and healing date back to the Book fo Exodus, when the High Priests would use gems and stones to assess the will of the Divine.  Nordic and Germanic tribes of Northern Europe also accessed ancient wisdom through the use of the runes.  This lineage carries a power that accesses the collective unconscious of our wisdom and evolution over the millennium.  As its wisdom is accessed, it can bridge the gap between our intellect and our indigenous wisdom, increasing its power.


*Note that there is little wiggle room concerning the guidance that is carried through the runes.  These readings should not be taken lightly.  The use of oracular devices in our modern day can not be trivialized.  The runes have a gravitas that must be reckoned with, as they are a direct message.  We do not ‘play’ runes, we consult them and then have to take their advice.  

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