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Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed

Close-up of interior of Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed

This is actually 3 Therapy Beds in one and there isn't another one like it

1: A specially designed one of a kind bed made specifically for doing crystal grids and arrays around a person, with fold-out and slide-outs to accommodate the crystals.

2: A giant Orgone Generator

3: A Crystal Bio Bed made utilizing very specific frequency's to cleans and detox vital organs, boost immune system and repair damaged and torn tissue and ligaments among other things.

All Crystal Arrays sessions are done on this energy therapy bed as part of an inclusive package. Additionally, time can be reserved on the Orgone Generator Crystal Bio-Bed in half hour and hour segments. (see our Services page)

Time spent on it is very rejuvenating and revitalizes cells and energy field in addition to other positive healthy effects.

Below are some pictures taken during its construction.

(Click them to learn more!)

It weighs over 300 pounds and was built in section which were all then assembled in the Crystal Sanctuary, it must be dis-assembled to move.

The Orgone Generator Crystal Bio-Bed has a very large field of energy easily filling the entire room and beyond with its frequency which is designed to a smooth modulated 244.5 Mhz which feels powerful but smooth, deeply relaxing and altering.

Much thought, prototypes, engineering and studying of Wilhelm Reich's work and others went into the construction of this. It was well worth it!

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