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Beyond the Wormhole;

Where We Take You Out of the Matrix and into the Great Beyond

Welcome to Beyond the Wormhole, where host, Debbie Pokornik and wormhole traveller, Angelia LaRue, take you out of the matrix and into the great beyond. Since experiencing a spontaneous conscious awakening in 2011, Angie has been living a life that most of us can't even begin to imagine.

She regularly travels outside her body, has full on conversations with spirit, mingles with extraterrestrials and has even ridden a dragon. Her experiences are so surreal.... that we decided to share snippets of her experiences for those who are interested. We have no real agenda for doing this, yet we feel guided to share... so here we are.

Angelia LaRue
Angelia LaRue

Angie is a Master Crystologist, Healer, Ordained Reverend, Medical Intuitive, Medical Innovator, Psychic, Teacher, Reiki Master & Manufacturer of Orgone Energy Generators

On December 9th 2011, at 2:00pm in the afternoon Angie had a radical spontaneous Awakening of Consciousness, while going about an ordinary Hawaiian day as a Professional Artist and housewife. It happened on a business call while on her way into the kitchen to get a drink of water. 

Within 3 months, her life in Hawaii abruptly ended and she was thrust out onto the road to learn with Spirit as her Teacher with only two suitcases.  She was reeling from the full explosion of psychic abilities, and the sudden awareness of subtle energy. Full blown empathic skills, with heavy cording to many others and the ability to see multidimensionally which had turned her life into utter chaos, dissolving her previous life and twenty-year marriage in a rapid domino effect. 

She would spend the next 3 years living out of a suitcase, navigating by the quiet whisper of Spirit as she unlearned and re-remembered. It was a time of epic heights of bliss and depths of devastating suffering as the egoic structure was humbled and Spirit retrained the body and mind. 

5 years from the awakening day she landed the whole experience on the tarmac of the 3D and began Service through Love to Others.

Her Service now includes many offerings, energy blueprints and ways to help people evolve their consciousness. She helps people increase their Love quota and move from 3D awareness to 5D awareness. Angie is a healer of the Body, Mind and Spirit. She also manufacturers tools and items to assist those on the Path to higher levels of consciousness.

Debbie Pokornik
Debbie Pokornik

Debbie Pokornik is a semi-retired mom, award winning author, dog lover and host of the Vibrant, Powerful Moms Show. Debbie’s mission in this lifetime is to help raise the vibrational frequency on the planet by guiding people away from struggle and towards a life they adore.

Throughout her own adventure she has worked at a bank, a women’s shelter, a school division and as an entrepreneur. She’s lost her house to a flood, suffered a serious concussion after falling 20 feet off a chair lift, suffered a significant ‘face wreck’ on a minibike and dealt with chronic health issues.

She has a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Work and is fully trained as a Parent Educator. She’s participated on Crisis teams, volunteered for Special Olympics, chaired a magazine editorial board, sat on a Justice Committee and owned two companies.

Despite all this, her greatest learning opportunities and challenges came from raising her two children and watching them grow into unique and wonderful adults.

Although she lived more than 50 years of her life in Manitoba, Canada (where she was born), she currently resides in Cumming, Georgia with her sweetheart of 30 years.

You can hear more details on Debbie’s greatest challenges in life by tuning in to her Vibrant Powerful Moms show on Transformation Talk Radio or heading over to her website.

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Here are some quotes from the "Out of This World" episode:
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