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Shamanic Journey Day Retreat

Crystologist, Reiki Master, and Pastor Angie LaRue offers full day Shamanic Retreats in Boulder, CO.  The retreats last from approximately 9am-6pm Saturdays only with 2 weeks advanced scheduling. Meals provided and include meditation, chi-gong, cleansing and purifying the auric field and body, increasing the auric field, and a crystal assisted Shamanic Journey. 

Day retreats are offered for $400.

Retreat Schedule Available
Saturdays only with 2 week advance notice

9am Welcome, Journeyer arrives, cell phones are turned off.


9:15am Enter Crystal Sanctum, Opening Prayer and Invocation to guides and higher self.


9:20am Question/Answer session, set intentions for the day and journey.

10:00am Cleansing, purifying, and grounding, adding any needed frequencies.


10 minute break


11:00am Breathwork, auric field cleansing and charging.

11:30am Meditation.


12:30pm Silent lunch.

1:00pm Invitation to the Angels, Earth Spirits, and the Ancient Tree to watch over the journey.  Begin construction of the Crystal Array.

1:30pm Prepare Crystal Sanctum for the journey and set the frequency for the journey.  Continue to build the Crystal Array.


2:00pm Qi Gong


10 minute break


2:30pm Place chakra stones, build rest of the Crystal Array.


3:00pm Begin journey


4:00pm (ish) Closing Ceremony, cleansing/grounding, close journey space and thanks benevolent beings who joined (timing depends on the length of the journey).


4:15pm (ish) Walk outside, center, ground further and thank the Ancient Tree.


5:00pm (ish) Dinner (grounding food).


5:30-6pm - Debrief, End of Retreat

*Drinks and snack available throughout the day.  No psychoactive plants are used, offered, or allowed for the retreat.
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