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In this package you will receive each of the specific Crystalline Transmissions below which are yours to download and keep and play over and over for years. A copy of a 8 1/2 X 11" crystal grid that you can print and use with your photo inside of it (or a pet’s, loved one, business card) to anchor the energies. It acts like an I.V. drip feeding the energy of the transmission into the person in the photo/card 24 hours a day! Also a short Welcoming video with additional information.




If you are ready to receive magical blessings and positive attraction, then you will love Fortuna Crystalline Transmission and accompanying grid! This guided meditation transmission can be used every 9 days and will cleanse and open your chakras so you can be receptive to all the positivity that is available to you from source. It can help you learn the lessons you need to discover in order to turn problems into fortune without the negative impact on your emotional or physical self. This is an ideal way to positively process soul agreements involving others.

Fortuna represents the synthesis of your spiritual, physical, and emotional selves. This array can stimulate eloquence, interpersonal skills, articulation, and encourage you to recognize innate abilities and gifts that can be used for all endeavors. It can also help resolve problems in your life, bringing the positive side to all scenarios, and allowing you to understand the lessons that problems bring. This array cleanses and opens all chakras, allowing for the receptivity of positive events and emotional interactions. Fortuna incites the body into wholeness and can be used specifically in the treatments of disorders related to the brain and emotions.




Do you have a desire to co-create with the Universe? If so, then the Vesta Crystalline Transmission and accompanying grid!  is the perfect tool for you! This activation has a lot of energy to stimulate frequencies to give you perseverance, stamina and fortitude. It also helps you to live according to the doctrine of love for yourself and others while being in focused conscious action throughout your day.

In mythology, Vesta was the goddess of the hearth and the hearth fire.  This array serves to stimulate energy, initiate movement of the Kundalini, bring consciousness to each action, provide focused energy, and help you to live according to the doctrine of love.  It also instills patience and perseverance in the course of your development and evolution of consciousness and spirituality. It supports the vocalization of your thoughts and ideas.  This array can be used in the treatment of fevers, disorders of the hands, high blood pressure, and afflictions of the throat.  It can also assist with diseases of the heart, lungs, breasts, and endocrine system.

Self Love Array


Do you want to truly love yourself? This Crystalline Transmission and accompanying grid will assist you to embrace and appreciate yourself on all levels. You will experience a sense of joy, grace and peace like never before. It establishes the way of the heart in personal relationships with yourself and others. It connects you to an inflow of love frequencies from your Higher Self and the Universe. 

The Self Love array assists you to embrace, appreciate, and love the personal identity of your physical manifestation.  It can lead to inner healing, integration of self-acceptance, and release of negative emotions such as resentment, hostility, depression, and guilt.  This array facilitates access to the creative power of the emotions, allowing them to bring you joy, love, grace, and peace.  It brings one to the way of the heart, stimulating an inflow of love from the higher self and the divine. 

This Self-Love Transmission can be done daily!


Soulogy Ascension 3 Pack

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