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The main function of Orgone Generators is to pull in stagnant, chaotic, and negative energy from the environment and replace it with clean and energized energy.  The crystal components of Orgone Generators modulate the frequencies that are pulled in, converting the them to a steady stream of energy set to the crystal’s natural frequency, or the programmed frequency of Love (528Hz).  Orgone Generators work well in removing harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution (EMF’s) caused by electronic emissions from cellphones, WiFi, TV, Bluetooth, Radio, X-rays, etc.


This “Quetzal Coil” Orgone Generator has a custom “Serpent-Eating-It’s-Tail” design which employs complex quantum energy movement.  The super antenna embedded in the generator consists of a metal scrunci with additional metal horse shoe loops, allowing for a wide range of frequencies to be pulled in and run through the crystalline components (Snowflake Obsidian, Blue Lace Agate, Lepidolite, Sodalite, Blue Apatite, Mangano Calcite, Apophyllite pyramid, Herkimer Diamond). 


The energy output is designed to enhance communication.  It facilitates communication with higher realms and different levels of consciousness,  as well as helping an individual connect to and communicate our purpose.  The energy output also helps balance different energies in a room, bringing individuals into harmony.  A favorite among school teachers, as it assists in calming down hyper children, and encouraging quieter children to speak up.


**Order comes with an information pamphlet explaining the energetic and metaphysical properties of the Orgone Generator.


About all of our Orgone Generators:

“Energy Sagging” due to low mobility is reduced by careful analysis and attention to metal, stone, and resin ratios.  Only the highest quality epoxy is used to avoid out-gassing of chemicals found in fiber glass and other low-quality poly resins.  We do not use Mold Release Agents in our manufacturing process.  All crystals are cleansed, purified, and charged before going into each Orgone matrix.  Intention programming on quartz crystals is set to release the highest frequency energies of love and health.



Orgone Generator Users Commonly Report:

Feeling better both physically and spiritually. As energy blockages are healed and the energy around you starts to flow unobstructed, life feels more joyful and harmonious.


Aura cleansed and amplified. Your personal field (bio magnetic field, also called aura) is energized and stronger which helps reduce the effects of the energies of others' emotions. 


Relationship improvement. Many people have placed Orgone Generators in their homes or workplaces, and have found that their relationships with family and co-workers improves due to removal of lower frequencies that are being replaced with higher cleansed ones allowing everyone to stay in better moods longer and roll easier with bumps in the road'.


Vivid dreams and Better Sleep. Some people may have difficulty sleeping if they have an Orgone Generator in the room. It might take a few days to get used to the energized environment. In the long run though, it promotes good sleep and many have reported that they have been cured of chronic insomnia with the help of Orgone Generators. If, in the beginning, orgone energy makes it difficult for you to sleep, keep it out of the bedroom until you are used to the increased level of energy. 


Spiritual growth is a natural potential side effect on the human body and psyche from living in a cleaner energy field with increased frequencies.


Protection from EMFs. This is one of the main benefits that draws people to Orgone Generators. The Generators convert the EMFs and protect the body from their harmful effects. Orgone Generators placed near EMF-emitting devices (fridge, computer, TV, clock radio, etc) is helpful for quality of life and preventing brain fog.


Accelerated plant growth is commonly reported.


Purified Atmosphere. Many Orgone Generator producers frequently gift Generators to cell towers, prisons, hospitals, power plants, battle fields and other places in chronic need of higher clean frequencies. The Generators are placed near them or on their roofs.


**Each item is individually handmade, some slight variations may occur.

Quetzal Coil Orgone Generator

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