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In mythology, Pallas was the Goddess of wisdom, business, and the arts. She also was a powerful mediator of conflicts. If you need help with a positive “win-win” resolution to a conflict, this Crystalline Transmission can help you.


This activation will allow you to see the big picture of the business or personal issue at hand. It helps balance the yin/yang qualities of your emotions and mind, while helping you access your divine knowing for guidance to your best next step. This information will help you create an original solution for a universally beneficial venture.


In mythology, Pallas is the goddess of wisdom, business, the arts, and the mediator of conflicts. This array has many uses including support for successful business ventures, balancing of yin/yang qualities, enhancement of creativity and perception of conscious reality, and furthering spiritual development. It can also promote conflict resolution within the self and in external relationships, allowing you to understand the reason behind conflicts, and initiate action towards forward movement. The Pallas array can be used in the treatment of psychological, psychosomatic, and psychotic disorders, as well as depression, diabetes, stomach problems, and heart disease.


This is an advanced activation- only use this powerful transmission every 9 days.


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