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432Hz - Peace & Well-Being

Musical instruments can be tuned to this frequency which creates Heart Chakra and mental emotional clarity. It is associated with higher levels of spiritual development and is what opera singers tune to. It feels good and promotes inner balance. It resonates with the frequency of 8Hz which is the Schuman resonance or the “beat of Earth”. It makes your body, and the field around it, resonate in a natural way. It fills you with a sense of peace and well-being.



What Are Singing Stones? Singing Stones are Quartz crystals and iron oxide suspended in a clear resin. The Quartz crystals anchor magnetic frequencies that are induced into the iron oxide by strong electromagnetic fields. These magnetic frequencies radiate from the stone continually, 24 hours a day. It acts like a silent IV drip when touching the body or held in the hand to give you the energies and support for your Path, Evolution, healing, business, cleanse, and adjust more seamlessly to the new energies coming in from the cosmos during this time.

They do not actually make sound – they produce a SILENT vibrational frequency.


How to Use: They must touch your body for you to receive the frequencies.  If the stone gets hot after a while, take it off and don’t use it again until the next day. They heat up when you are frequency saturated. The frequencies work whether you can feel them or not. Those with high levels of energy awareness will be able to discern the differences from one stone to another.


I make each of these by hand with Love! All crystals and metal are cleared, cleansed and blessed before going into the manufacturing process.

432Hz - Peace & Well-Being

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