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Do you want to truly love yourself? This recording will assist you to embrace and appreciate yourself on all levels. You will experience a sense of joy, grace and peace like never before. It establishes the way of the heart in personal relationships with yourself and others. It connects you to an inflow of love frequencies from your Higher Self and the Universe. You will also receive a copy of a grid that you can print and use with your photo inside to anchor the energies.


The Self-Love array assists you to embrace, appreciate, and love the personal identity of your physical manifestation. It can lead to inner healing, integration of self-acceptance, and release of negative emotions such as resentment, hostility, depression, and guilt. This array facilitates access to the creative power of the emotions, allowing them to bring you joy, love, grace, and peace. It brings one to the way of the heart, stimulating an inflow of love from the higher self and the divine.

This powerful Crystalline Transmission can be done daily.

Self-Love Array

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