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The Potentate Crystalline Transmission is one of the strongest arrays in our offering. If you want to connect and anchor in that connection with divine truth, this is the transmission for you. It contains a variety of ecstatic transfusions of a divine essence experience. Potentate encourages the pursuit of the deepest connection of one’s inner being and a true union with the divine. Sometimes an experience with the ancient masters occurs that transcends ordinary human knowledge. For those that are ready, it is a journey from the mundane to the sacred.


The Potentate array represents the transition from mundane to sacred, providing a deeply connective and direct experience with the divine. It serves as a catalyst for spiritual growth via the recognition of a supreme, all pervading, and indwelling power. This array facilitates direct communication between the self and the infinite, dispelling the illusion of separation between personal self and the divine. It expedites turning inward, assisting in the recognition that all things are divine.


Only use this powerful transmission every 3-9 days.


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