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This Crystalline Transmission is called Charm and Ease because it enhances one’s charm, gracefulness, popularity, charisma, and lightness of spirit. It also helps you with creative problem solving and meeting tight work deadlines. Many people also find that it brings good fortune in increasing cash flow and business opportunities. Another benefit of this array is great wisdom is imparted which opens access to intuitive capabilities and high regard from your peers.


The Charm and Ease array enhances gracefulness, charm, popularity, sharp decision making, problem-solving, creativity, intuitive capabilities, and good fortune in money matters. It promotes changeability and flexibility in your life’s work, allowing you to obtain what is needed for achievement. This array can be used in the treatment of disorders associated with the entire body, and particularly with flexibility, the spine, retina, and elimination system.


Only use this powerful transmission every 3-9 days

Charm and Ease

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