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Wouldn’t it be great to have more cooperation with everyone in your life?
This powerful Crystalline Transmission of Cooperation acts to stimulate initiation or renewal of relationships and partnerships. It instills the adaptability to changing circumstances so you can adapt with current life changes. It assists you to pause and become the witness with grace and ease. It will also support, open and cleanse your chakras, especially your Solar Plexus chakra, helping you to act and move forward. Once all your chakras are balanced, you have a better sense of well-being.


This program has been used to awaken automatic writing capabilities for those that were involved in the construction and use of the Egyptian pyramids.


The Cooperation array stimulates the initiation and renewal of relationships and partnerships with others, as well as the relationship between our conscious self and our higher self. It promotes awareness and communication to support fulfilling and loving relationships. This array can also stimulate creativity, instill adaptability to changing circumstances, balance the chakras, energize the body, remove energy blockages, awaken automatic writing capabilities, and facilitate astral travel. It can assist with relief of diabetes, kidney stones, uremia, and skin inflammation, and can be used in treatment of disorders associated with the veins, loins, lower abdomen, urinary system, metabolism, endocrine system, lungs, heart, lower back/lumbar and spine and vertebrae, and adrenal glands.


Only use this powerful transmission every 3-9 days.


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