Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed

Close-up of interior of Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed

This is actually 3 Therapy Beds in one and there isn't another one like it

1: A specially designed one of a kind bed made specifically for doing crystal grids and arrays around a person, with fold-out and slide-outs to accommodate the crystals.

2: A giant Orgone Generator

3: A Crystal Bio Bed made utilizing very specific frequency's to cleans and detox vital organs, boost immune system and repair damaged and torn tissue and ligaments among other things.

All Crystal Arrays sessions are done on this energy therapy bed as part of an inclusive package. Additionally, time can be reserved on the Orgone Generator Crystal Bio-Bed in half hour and hour segments. (see Services page)

Time spent on it is very rejuvenating and revitalizes cells and energy field in addition to other positive healthy effects.

Below are some pictures taken during its construction.

It weighs over 300 pounds and was built in section which were all then assembled in the Crystal Sanctuary, it must be dis-assembled to move.

The Orgone Generator Crystal Bio-Bed has a very large field of energy easily filling the entire room and beyond with its frequency which is designed to a smooth modulated 244.5 Mhz which feels powerful but smooth, deeply relaxing and altering.

Much thought, prototypes, engineering and studying of Wilhelm Reich's work and others went into the construction of this. It was well worth it!

The table itself is nearly finished in this photo. Additional vinyl covered boards will go onto the slid outs for full extension of very large crystal arrays.

Next Phase is the building of the giant Orgone Generator. Various types and gauges of metals are mixed with single long chain organic materials. This builds a large antenna capable of pulling in many types of frequency's and returning them to stable healthy non-detrimental frequency's. It pulls in EMF's, cleans and purifies the signal through the crystal matrix and releases them back out  as High frequency energy which is highly supportive in healthy bodies.

Before it's finished it will be much thicker than what's seen here and will include in the metal layers sandwiched between the single long chain organic layers: Steel, magnetized steel, copper, brass, Aluminum, bronze and eventually a thin layer of silver. Additionally, all crystals in its interior circuitry will be coated with fine mixed metal shavings.

Fine marine grade wires feed from every layer of metal mesh back into the central crystal core, moving collected energies to be cleaned and sorted by the crystal core.

The Crystal Core being hardwired into the antenna system system. The end product will have over 48 Quartz Crystals and 10 Apophyllite Crystals and some strategically placed Herkimer Diamonds.

The Orgone Generator has been finished and installed into the frame in this picture and now the crystal bio-bed aspect of it is being installed. The many copper wires coming out of it are live with energy right now (orgone energy) and will be loosely looped on top of the crystals and calcites which will go in next to keep them charged with photons as they will not be able to get charged by photons from the sun after installation into the matrix.

All the circuitry both Orgone Energy and Electricity are coming together now and the Crystal Bio-Bed (the third stage of this amazing energy bed) is nearly finished.  Electricity, which is charging the Selenite with photons, is turned off when clients are on the bed.

Loose copper wires move Orgone energy from the main crystal core to the many types of Calcite, Carnelian, Citrine and Selenite in this Energy Rich High Frequency Healing bed.

LED light strips feeding photons to Selenite reflect off the neighboring Calcites making a futuristic sci-fi scene.

It's nearly finished now, all that's left is finishing the upholstry on the Orgone generator Crystal Bio-bed. The energy coming from is powerful but smooth, one can feel it walking into the room already.

It took nearly two months from start to finish, 10-12 hours a day 7 days a week, two people and 6k to build it. It's completely worth it!

It's finished and in operation now and it's a font for pure harmonized energy of High Frequency and deeply healing and renewing.

Crystal Arrays done on this Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed are well remembered!!