Our Motto

Because feeling good, feels so good!

  • We are working around the clock to bring our beautiful Orgone Generators to stores.


  • With the Intent of Love, and bringing better quality of life to all humanity, each member of the team provides an essential part of Crystal Arrays success.

  • Each member of Crystal Arrays has chosen this path of service being in alignment with their own spiritual growth and as an expression of their gift, bringing light into world.

Crystal Arrays &

C60 Solutions Laboratory

1025 Rosewood Ave Suite 204

Boulder, CO 80301

(808) 285-0047

Rev. Angelia LaRue

CEO and Founder

Director of Research and Development

  • Ordained Reverend

  • Master Crystologist

  • Reiki Master

  • Healer

  • Medical Intuitive

  • Intuitive Understanding of Quantum Realities

  • Energy Practitioner/Healer

  • Psychic Mystery School Founder

  • Bearer of the Antonian Holographic Healing Stone