Discover a new way to heal!
Treat Yourself.

Relax into A Spa of Subtle Crystal Energy to Increase and activate your Evolution of Consciousness, while supporting health and healing.

Be kind to yourself.  Shine brightly and richly within yourself and to the world.

Angelia (Angie) LaRue

Crystologist, Psychic and Healer

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*  With Relationships and Communication

*  Experience Love for self and others more deeply

*  Increase Productivity

*  Increase Creativity and Enthusiasm

*  With Health and easing Illness/Disease

*  Cleanse the Auric Field, Chakras and Energy

*  Relieve Stress and Tension from the Body and Field

*  With Public Speaking and Leadership Skills

*  Have Harmonious Relationship with Self and Others

*  With Business Skills and Focus

*  Reduce repetitive thinking and old thought patterns

*  Have Grace and Eloquence in presence and presentation

*  With Activating/Remembering Psychic Skills

*  Communicate with Higher Self, the Divine, Angels and Guides

*  Re-program thought patterns around shock and trauma

*  Sculpt new realities for yourself

*  Change outcomes through changing your vibration

*  Revitalize your Energy and Optimism

*  Enhance Mood and Positivity

*  Remove energetic imprints of trauma and shock

*  With Past Life Regressions

*  With Soul Fragment Recoveries

*  Through Shamanic Journey's

*  and Much Much More!

 Find your perfect items and tools to supplement your Journey into

Wellness and Higher States of Consciousness.  Live your life more

Profoundly and Peacefully. 

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